Random rants (4): At last! Good news from Spain …

At last! Some good news from Spain, and from the very best corner of Spain: Sitges, Barcelona. Congratulations to the launch of ‘The Institute of the Arts Barcelona’, founded by Giles Auckland-Lewis and Mark Lethem, and ‘inspired and supported in its initial development by Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts’. This is really great news … and even more impressive in the current doom & gloom state of Spain that at least there are some entrepreneurs with such vision and determination. The IAB offers a new kind of performing arts educational experience: ‘modern, dynamic, creative, integrated and entrepreneurial’ – and its vision is to produce graduates able to ‘create, produce and support creative work of the highest calibre’. All their Foundation Certificates, BA degrees and Masters programmes are to be accredited by the Norwich University of the Arts, and they’re set to run a wide range of courses, master-classes and workshops for all ages in ‘Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Popular Music, Stage Management, Arts Entrepreneurship and Film Production’. And there’s no better place in the world to enrol somewhere than alongside the Mediterranean in Sitges, Barcelona … ¡Enhorabuena!

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    frank blunt

    February 27, 2013 at 3:15pm

    do you they do technical drawing and metal work?

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