World Cup Blog (1): 40 Years of Abba or Iran v Nigeria? Gay Pride v World Cup …

I live in Sitges and am proud to be a Sitgean (and more of the proud and pride stuff in a minute).

I like to describe Sitges as … cosy, romantic, pretty, with its picture-postcard whitewashed streets, golden beaches, glorious sunsets, great restaurants and nightlife, a micro-climate with more than 300 sunny days a year, perfectly located, both near and far enough from Barcelona (and its international airport), both near and far enough from the rest of Spain (and France), skiing within 2-3 hours drive … overall, a beautiful and ornate jewel in the Catalan crown.

Sitges is also unique thanks to being ‘discovered’ by Modernista artist Santiago Rusiñol in the 1890s, at the height of Barcelona’s cultural heydey, provoking an influx of artists and writers via the winding old coastal road, including Salvador Dalí and a teenage Pablo Picasso … and that cultural-creative flair has stayed with the town ever since. With its liberal, lively cosmopolitan atmosphere, Sitges boasts an exhaustive year round programme of festivals and events, including the famous Carnival, the Barcelona to Sitges veteran car rally, the unique Sitges International Film Festival, sports events, food, wine and flower festivals, theatre, dance, music and poetry festivals – and – this weekend … Gay Pride.

As Sitges is also one of Spain’s (if not Europe’s) premier gay resorts, I’ve always thought that it is probably the only town in the world that doesn’t really need a Gay Pride weekend. I have many good friends who are proud to be gay every weekend of the year (and rightly so) and I’m very proud to know them and party with them. In fact, we’re all proud, and all proud to be Sitgeans. Life in Sitges is proud and gay in every sense of the word, every day of the year.

The social calendar gets a bit tricky, however, when Gay Pride coincides with the start of the World Cup. Tonight, for example, there is a Take That/Robbie Williams Tribute Band on the promenade’s main stage at the same time as Brazil kick off against Croatia. Tomorrow, there’s an ‘I Believe in Cher’ tribute act performing at around the same time as Spain take on Holland. On Saturday, a Black Eyed Peaz band coincide with England playing Italy. For the first 3 nights, therefore, I know what I will be watching … at least until the Group F games start.

For those of you who read my earlier World Cup blog, I have no intention of watching Argentina v Bos-Herce on the Sunday, not whilst ‘Forever Michael Jackson’ takes to the stage in my home town. As for Monday, I was going to have a ‘rest day’ for when Iran play Nigeria. But now I’ve discovered that the ‘40 Years of Abba’ tribute band perform for the closing party of Sitges Gay Pride …

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    sue francis

    June 13, 2014 at 12:55am

    hey Tim, Look out for John Hilson…i just emailed him and didn’t get a reply and now i can guess why…he will be in Sitges for gay pride week……if you see him give him a hug for me and tell him to contact me when he gets home….love as always…etc…..sue

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