El Punt-Avui TV (4) – Coalitions, budgets, Hillary Clinton v ‘The Donald’

I was invited back on ‘The English Hour’ on El Punt-Avui TV this afternoon, a local Barcelona TV channel. This time we had a lively debate about the Catalan budget (what Catalan budget?), ‘coalition governments’ in Madrid and Barcelona (what coalition governments?), València (the city formerly known as Valencia), road signs, language, and the possibility of having further Spanish elections ‘after the holidays’. I tried to draw comparisons to the Cameron & Clegg coalition but it wasn’t easy. If you can stick with it all until the end, I also give my views on the latest USA hit reality show, ‘Hillary Clinton v The Donald’ … Here’s a link to it all: El Punt-Avui TV (4)

Here are some links to some previous rants on the same programme:

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