El Punt-Avui TV (5) – Brexit, Bremain in Spain, New Europeans, healthcare & Gibraltar scaremongering … plus the right to hold a Catalan Referendum.

I was invited back on ‘The English Hour’ again on El Punt-Avui TV this afternoon, a local Barcelona TV channel. After yesterday’s ‘foreign worker’ declarations at the Conservative Party conference (or was it UKIP’s conference?), it was good timing to discuss the ‘48% v Brexit’ debate, and great initiatives such as ‘The New European’ newspaper and the growing social media/FB group ‘Bremain in Spain’ … as well, of course, as the latest ‘healthcare & Gibraltar’ scaremongering from the Spanish Foreign Minister, Señor Margallo. As for scaremongering, it doesn’t seem to scare anyone in Catalonia that the Spanish government is seeking to ban the former Catalan president Artur Mas from any public office for 10 years. No, nothing scares them. They just want the right (and rightly so, if you ask me) to hold their own referendum. Here’s a link to it all:

El Punt-Avui TV (5)

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