El Punt-Avui TV (6) – Theresa May’s Brexit, Bo-Jo & F-Off …

I was invited back on ‘The English Hour’ again on El Punt-Avui TV this afternoon, a local Barcelona TV channel. We talked about Theresa May’s ideas for a ‘global Britain’ by means of a ‘red, white & blue Brexit’, as well as the many gaffes from her Foreign Secretary, Boris ‘Bo-Jo’ Johnson. Bo-Jo has not only managed to diplomatically compare the current structure of the EU with the aspirations of Napoleon Hitler, but he has also talked about WW2 movie-style ‘punishment beatings’ for those threatening to leave. He also described Hillary Clinton as a ‘sadistic nurse in a mental hospital’ and outgoing President Obama as a ‘half-Kenyan’ anti-imperialist. And remember … he’s the Foreign Secretary (bless him). Here’s the link: El Punt-Avui TV (6).

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