El Punt-Avui TV (8) – Pro-indy flags & ballot boxes are ‘illicit material’ … but not Lord Buckethead.

I was invited back on ‘The English Hour’ again on El Punt-Avui TV this afternoon, a local Barcelona TV channel, hosted by Matthew Tree, alongside two other guests, Daniel Kahl and Louis Lemkow. Poor Daniel explained how he’d been banned from a Madrid football stadium simply for carrying a pro-independence Catalan flag. We then discussed how Catalan officials are being charged with ‘disobedience’ for buying ballot boxes … deemed as ‘illicit material’. And if all that isn’t ‘Monty Pythonesque’ enough, we then turned our attention to the UK elections, Lord Buckethead, Theresa May, and her shaky alliance with the anti-gay, anti-abortion, non-dinosaur-believing Democratic Unionist Party. Here’s the link: El Punt-Avui TV (8).

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