The Weekly Noticias (7): Show No.7 – 5th July 2017

Here’s a link below to the podcast of Show No.7 of The Weekly Noticias, hosted by me and broadcast on Weds 5th July 2017 on Radio Kanal Barcelona, with guests Chris Groves, Charlie Pee, Jaume Pamies, Francis Wardley & Frank Blunt (aka Rick Broadbent).

In the show, questions come up (among many others) about: Wimbledon, strawberries, Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Corbyn, WrestleMania (CNN & Trump), cannabis in Catalonia, Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins,  Messi’s wedding dance, Annie Lennox, text-walking lanes in Antwerp, Deep Purple and ‘Els Segadors’, bleeding badly from face-lifts (thanks to Trump’s Tweets), Estonia’s ‘eResidency’ permits, monkeys in silk dresses (and wearing ties in the Houses of Parliament), Arthur Ashe, Venezuela, colonies, the length of a giraffe’s tongue, and Clint Eastwood’s Adam’s apple.

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