El Punt-Avui TV (9) – Felipe VI, Luton airport, and an ‘undemocratic comment’ about Gibraltar …

I was invited back on ‘The English Hour’ again on El Punt-Avui TV this afternoon, a local Barcelona TV channel, hosted by Matthew Tree, alongside two other guests, Jordi Vilanova and Patricia Gabancho. We chatted about Felipe VI, the King of Spain, and his 3-day ‘state visit’ to London, via the very glamorous Luton airport, (innit). I tried to make sense of why it was announced beforehand that he would be making a comment about Gibraltar during his speech at the Houses of Parliament – why he felt the need to make any comment about Gibraltar at all – and, most importantly, how he managed to ‘ignore the existence’ of the most important people and voice of all: the people of Gibraltar. We also spoke about the former Spanish Minister of Interior, Mayor Oreja, who has recently compared the Catalan independence process to ETA. And we spoke about ballot boxes, too … and the possibility of buying some from Gibraltar. Here’s the link: El Punt-Avui TV (9).

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