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Thank you for visiting this blog/website. Just a bit of info about me …

I’m an author, journalist, blogger, Spain correspondent, media consultant, scriptwriter and occasional radio host of The Weekly Noticias. I have major international experience in the media, communications and entertainment industries (including 20 years with Condé Nast International in London and Madrid – as well as 6 years with Grupo Planeta and La Vanguardia in Barcelona and Madrid). I have specific interest and experience in the news, arts, fashion, film, comedy and cultural sectors in Spain, and I’m also interested in international politics. Believe it or not, I’ve also performed stand-up comedy over 40 times in Barcelona, Madrid, London, New York – and 4 shows in Edinburgh.

Based near Barcelona, I am currently working with UK & Spain producers on a film based upon my forthcoming novel, The Barcelona Connection (as well as writing the sequel). I am also working on a follow-up to A Load of Bull: An Englishman’s Adventures in Madrid.

I’m British and bilingual in Spanish, with a good understanding of Catalan. I’m the founding editor of the online newspaper, Spain in English. I often participate in radio & TV discussions in Spain and the UK.

I’d love to do more, and am always interested to discuss collaborations – so please feel free to contact me on either of these emails: 



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