The Weekly Noticias (10): Show No.10 – 26th July 2017

Here’s a link below to the podcast of Show No.10 of The Weekly Noticias, hosted by me and broadcast on Weds 26th July 2017 on Radio Kanal Barcelona, with guests Jon Groves, Marcela Topor, Susie Duguid, David Sanmiguel and Viveka Nilsson.

In the show, questions come up (among many others) about: Freddie Mercury, Anthony Scaramucci (and the fandango), Sean Spicer, Barcelona’s 1992 Olympics, Dunkirk, the Tour de France, Beyoncé, Linkin Park, Castro, Dalí’s moustache, colluding with Russians, long lunches, body clocks, scraping the barrel, Mick Jagger, Columbo & Clouseau …

Show No.10 was the last show of ‘Season 1‘ – and ‘Season 2‘ will kick off in mid-September. A fly-on-the-wall documentary (or maybe it’s a mockumentary) is in development. You can also follow The Weekly Noticias on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeMixcloud, Soundcloud, iTunes and iVoox … and soon on TV. In the meantime, sit back, have a glass of wine, listen to the 10th show’s podcast via Soundcloud right here, and enjoy:

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