The Weekly Noticias (11): Show No.11 – 11th Oct 2017

It’s back … The Weekly Noticias! It was a bit of shaky start to Season 2 (the sound technician is apparently still on the beach), but we’re definitely back. Here’s a link below to the podcast of Show No.11, hosted by me and broadcast on Weds 11th October 2017 on Radio Kanal Barcelona, with guests Xavier Castells, Jon Groves, Viveka Nilsson & Myriam Harrag.

We decided to avoid the Spain-Catalonia crisis this week, and discuss the “other news” that we know everyone wants to hear about: Harvey Weinstein’s dressing gown, Donald Trump’s IQ, Google’s tax bill, Napoleon’s penis, Boris Johnson’s middle names, Rajoy’s marathon, Gwyneth & Brad (& Angelina), Xavi’s ukulele, and the first woman to walk in space. …

You can also follow The Weekly Noticias on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeMixcloud, Soundcloud, iTunes and iVoox … and soon on TV. In the meantime, sit back, have a glass of wine, listen to the 11th show’s podcast via Soundcloud right here, and enjoy:

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